We are Doberman Specialist. We raise only one breed and we do it right.


Doberman Puppies born on 10/22/20. Available to take home in 6 weeks!

Why choose us

Reasons to choose our service

We breed our doberman puppies to be friendly pets, great companions, and reliable service and therapy dogs.  

Experienced Doberman Breeder

We have been raising Dobermans for over two decades, and breeding them professionally for a little over 5 years. We use many of them at our own homes and businesses because we find them the best choice for security and companionship.

Medically Sound

All our doberman puppies have tails docked and dewclaws removed. This is not only a cosmetic procedure, but will keep your puppy from getting caught up in brambles and bushes as they play. In addition, they have age appropriate vaccinations, worming, and other necessary procedures done.

Child Friendly

These cute doberman puppies are cared for by real people and not just "handled". They make excellent pets.

Humane Housing Conditions

Our kennels are well constructed to keep puppies out of the weather and provide them with adequate heat and ventilation. They are cleaned daily and disinfected as needed to maintain sanitary living conditions so you get a happy healthy puppy!

Not just a kennel...

A Home, away from Home.

All of our animals, young and old alike, are treated like pets during their stay so they easily make the transition into your home.  They anxiously await their morning treats and petting time.  They always give back in an abundance of dances and kisses.

Doberman Puppies
Christmas Pups!
Doberman Puppies
Doberman Puppies
What did you do to my ears?
Doberman Puppies

Only the best

Veterinary Care

Why use only one doctor when there are so many specialist. We use 2 on a regular basis and a couple of others for special services.   We don’t shop around for the best price, we look for the best service because we know you will settle for nothing less.

Give your companion a happy and healthy life.

See below for a list of care givers, groomers, and other handy links.

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Bark Busters

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