Don Sullivan Perfect Dog System

First let me say that this is not a paid endorsement of the Don Sullivan Perfect Dog System. We do not get any commissions or kickbacks of any kind. However, I have personally used (and continue to use) it on my dog and have had remarkable results in less than two weeks! I was actually able to walk my dog through the neighborhood WITHOUT a leash and he followed my every command (Stop, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Play, etc.) In addition, he fetches and brings the ball back and places it in my hand without fighting. He will stay in a sitting or down position for extended periods of time (until I tell him he can get up).

As an experiment, I brought him to Tractor Supply, which allows pets, and gave him the down and stay command just inside the front door. I then walked several aisles down and turned the corner. I waited about 1 minute, then called him. The clerk said he stayed in place until I called.

Watch some short videos on Youtube. Just search for Don Sullivan, the “Dog Father”, and you will find them. When you are ready go to, or check Amazon to purchase his system.


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